Stephen H. Willard - Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, CA - From an 8x10 Glass Plate


Welcome, to all who love Death Valley!

These are the temporary web pages for the new non-profit organization focused on Death Valley National Park and surrounding communities that was established on February 11th, 2008 - a date which coincides with the 75th Anniversary of Death Valley first being declared a "National Monument" in 1933 by President Herbert Hoover.

Mission Statement

The nonprofit Death Valley Conservancy established the "Death Valley Fund" to provide support and private funding for projects that preserve, protect or enhance Death Valley National Park by improving the Death Valley area's natural, cultural and historic resources as well as the visitor experience - "Continuing the Adventures for You and Future Generations!"    The "Death Valley Fund" is specifically dedicated to support  NPS requested In-Park Projects.

To Date the DVC has supported:
Innovative Research on the Devil's Hole Pupfish - $37,000 scientific equipment; $38,000 research, training)
NPS Bird Count - $5,000
Death Valley ROCKS Educational Program - $11,500 Cash for Transportation & $31,000 in Sleeping Bags
New Scanner & Computer System for Cow Creek Archives - $5,000
Historic Ryan Camp - Preservation & Restoration for future use as a facility to support education and research.
PBS 30-Sec Spot View our 30-Sec PBS Spot to promote DVNP and the "Death Valley Fund"
Micro Grants to Local Museums & Historical Societies, $3,000
Park Partners Gatherings

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